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Kerala Handicrafts
The art and craft of any country or state is a living example of the regions rich past and heritage.
is a treasure trove of the finest crafts that one has ever seen- it touches a nerve chord that arouses your artistic sensibilities. Rosewood carving which is a special craft form in Kerala that highlights the indigenous method and skill of the traditional craftsmen in carving and chiselling figures out of rosewood.

These craftsmen haven’t visited the house of Swarovski or Dior but they can teach a thing or two about fineness and artistry.Carvings of elephants,curios,figurines,coir mats,bags,handloom products,jewellery boxes and a host of other items including wooden furniture, used for decoration and utility are produced in Kerala with meticulous precision.These craft specimens of Kerala feature in the homes and buildings of many people and offices all over the world.The craftsmen of the state also come out with unique indigenous products such as the popular coconut shell products of Kerala. It is amazing what specimens of craft can be created from something as trivial as coconut shell or wood.

Significantly, Kerala handicraft serves a twofold motive. Firstly it showcases the handicrafts of Kerala to the world forum and secondly it forms a source of bread and butter to the many poor traditional craftsmen of the state. The handicraft industry in Kerala acts as a source of income to these people, to the government, and to many other industries associated directly or indirectly with Kerala art and craft.

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