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The purpose of the concept of homestays in Kerala is to create distinctive, authentic and reliable tourist accommodation to share the traditional way of life and its values.The home-stays contribute to conserve the local cultural and natural heritage.

Kerala has large numbers of well constructed and excellent homestays that include estate bungalows,heritage homes, farm houses,vacant houses owned by NRIs and local residents. They provide cool and comfortable accommodation within a traditional ambience,fresh local food and a feel of the indigenous way of life.The homestays in Kerala are very popular with the tourists,especially foreigners.

Also, there is increasing recognition of the significant shift away from the predominance of the traditional sun, sand and sea holiday towards more experiential vacations.Hence the significance of Kerala homestays.It is said that travel is increasingly about ‘experiences, fulfillment and rejuvenation’ rather than about ‘places and things’.

Kerala homestays offer well furnished rooms with modern facilities, located amist greenery, at very reasonable rates.Besides,the guests get to know more about the culture,cuisine,art forms,ayurveda,yoga,etc that are typical of Kerala. The homestays of Kerala offer a unique experience to the tourists whereby the hosts and the guests share and enrich each others knowledge of their respective cultures and values.

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