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Kerala Monsoon Tourism
Monsoon - the word itself makes one joyous! The intoxicating smell of the dry earth getting drenched, the splashing waters and the tiny paper boats sailing on the clogged water, make monsoons the favourite season in Kerala. After the long summer months of the heat and the dust having ruled the roost, the monsoon comes as a welcome change. The farmers rejoice in the showers that promise to bring them prosperity. The monsoon season makes the peacock fan out its plumes and dance with joy,the flowers of the golden mangoes bloom in plenty,the rivers and lakes to flow freely and the waterfalls to cascade majestically down the mountains! Kerala experiences the magic of the monsoon season in all its splendour,and tourists from across the state and country travel to this part to get a taste of the Kerala monsoon!

Monsoon, the season of rainbows and raindrops, is certainly not to be wasted indoors. This very special season of the year, the monsoon brings everything to you afresh. The washed streets and the fresh leaves seem to smile with you. Monsoon isnt just about getting all packed in rain coats, it calls for fun and excitement.Getting wet, splashing and swimming or wading through knee deep waters, sailing paper boats,etc are some little deeds one may enjoy indulging in. You may try out an Ayurveda vacation in the monsoons too,as this mode of treatment is said to work best during the rains. Ayurveda during monsoon is the best way to rejuvenate your mind and replenish your body.

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