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Guruvayur, the most famous pilgrim centre, once known as centre-points of Kerala literature, arts and culture is situated 30 km from Thrissur.   Guruvayur is the most revered and sacred pilgrimage centre of Hindus in Kerala known as Dwaraka of the South. Guruvayur is called the Lourdes of India, a shrine where if due worship is offered with faith, the devout are reported to be cured of several ailments. Apart from pilgrims and visitors quite a number of ailing and maimed visit the shrine for miraculous cure.

Besides the famous Guruvayurappan shrine, there are other shrines around the town which attract crowds of pilgrims. Almost very near the Krishna temple is the ancient Shiva temple at Mammiyar. The Parthasarathy temple, close to the main temple, portrays Krishna as the Charioteer of Arjuna. There is also a temple for Venkateshwara of Tirumala, the Penumthatte Shiva temple and the Tamarayar Vishnu temple.

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